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Edmonton Jewish Community Charitable Foundation

The Edmonton Jewish Community Charitable Foundation (EJCCF) helps people support Jewish causes that are important to them.  We provide resources to make the community’s vision a reality, working in partnership with our donors, and striving to ensure the long-term financial security of the Jewish Community.

You don’t need to be wealthy or change your lifestyle to participate.  Your gift can be made with:

·         An outright gift of cash or appreciated assets like stocks, bonds or life insurance policies.

·         A bequest in your will.  This is the easiest way to make a gift.  You simply state in your will a dollar amount or a percentage of your estate to be used for an endowment.

·         A gift of a new or existing life insurance policy.  By naming the Foundation owner and beneficiary, you may be able to deduct the premiums from your taxes.

·         Pension Plans are subject to significant tax liability, making them ideal instruments to use, in whole or in part, to create a fund naming the Foundation as the beneficiary.

·         A Charitable Remainder Trust or Charitable Gift Annuity provides you with income during your lifetime and thereafter, the remainder is used to create the endowment.


For the plan best suited to your personal situation and charitable objectives we recommend that you consult with your legal and financial counsel and with the Edmonton Jewish Community Charitable Foundation.  For further information, email: or call 780-994-3523 and one of the Foundation staff or board will answer your questions.

A planned gift to the Jewish community ensures the perpetuation of your family name.  no matter where or when in the future, you can be there to help.

As is says in the Talmud, “As my father planted before I was born, so do I plant for those who will come after me”.

Click here for the Request for Proposal Document

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What is P2G?

The Partnership2Gether peoplehood platform (previously known as Partnership 2000) connects some 500 communities around the world in 46 partnerships. P2G is building living bridges among these communities - sharing ideas, strengths, challenges, and models of success.

P2G has become the paradigm for successfully partnering global Jewish communities directly with Israeli communities—the majority of which are in national priority areas. Communities share ideas, strengths, challenges and models of success; and empower one another to generate waves of change. But the impact of these projects go far beyond the community level—each of us has the opportunity to become directly and personally involved.

Coast to Coast P2G:

Mission: To build and strengthen relationships between people and communities in Coast-to-Coast Canada and in Etzbah Hagalil through programs that build Jewish identity and promote the welfare and wellbeing of all partners involved.

Vision: To be leaders in the field of Capacity Building and Youth & Education in Etzbah Hagalil – providing innovative projects and leveraging resources with others who have similar interests in these fields and doing so by having Canadians and Israelis work together in true partnership. Furthermore, our vision is for the Gesher Chai to build strong people to people connections.

Located along the confrontation line on the Lebanese border, just steps away from heavy fighting during the 2006 war against Hezbollah, the Galilee Panhandle region knows what it’s like to be under threat. At the same time, with a predominance of small communities and its location in the northernmost part of Israel, the Galilee Panhandle faces the great challenge of providing its 50,000 residents with social, educational and employment opportunities.

Communities in the Coast-to-Coast Israel Partnership include:


  • Atlantic Canada
  • Calgary
  • Edmonton
  • Hamilton
  • Ottawa
  • Vancouver
  • Winnipeg


  • Kiryat Shmona
  • Metulla

  • Yesod HaMa’ala
  • Upper Galilee
  • Mevo’ot Hermon

Gesher Chai

Promotes global Jewish identity and unity with people-to-people connections between Canadian and Galilee Panhandle residents.

Youth & Education

Informal and formal education initiatives reach a worldwide population of youth and open opportunities for future professional development.

Capacity Building

Projects that focus on leadership development, volunteerism, youth infrastructure and regional development.

For more information about P2G, click here.