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The Virtual Edmonton Jewish Film Festival is proud to be showcasing a juried selection of short films from film makers around the world.

Cinema Rex


Israel, 2020

Eliran Peled 

English, Hebrew, Arabic

Animated short

9 minutes

Available throughout the Festival and featured on May 11


In a divided city, two kids from rival sides meet at Cinema Rex. He speaks only Hebrew, and she speaks only Arabic. They will form a true friendship based on one magical language, the cinema. Register now


Sponsored by ORT Edmonton

Commandment 613


USA, 2020

Director: Miriam Lewin


Short documentary

23 minutes

May 5


Rabbi Kevin Hale joyfully practices the sacred craft of Torah restoration, bringing new life to scrolls saved in Czechoslovakia during the Shoah. As his work takes him on visits to communities now entrusted with the restored scrolls, he reflects on his own path to faith and practice. Register now


Sponsored by: The Holocaust Education Committee of the Jewish Federation of Edmonton

Egg Cream


USA, 2018

Nora Miller and Peter Miller



16 minutes

Available throughout the Festival and featured on May 10

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A short film about memory, history, and the enduring meaning of a beloved chocolate soda drink born in Jewish immigrant neighborhoods at the turn of the 20th century. The egg cream contained neither eggs nor cream; it was a product of necessity and hardship, but a source of joy and sweetness. Through a tour of egg cream establishments led by a filmmaker and his young daughter, exhaustively researched archival imagery, and even a song by Lou Reed, the film examines the Jewish experience in America and the mythology of a simpler time. Register now


Sponsored by: Edmonton Screen Industries Office

Shabbos Goy


USA, 2019

Director: Talia Osteen


Short comedy

7 minutes

May 10

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An orthodox Jewish woman finds herself in a totally awkward situation on the Sabbath. To get herself out of her predicament, she seeks the help of a total stranger. The subject matter is edgy and a bit risqué. You will laugh a lot, but don’t watch it with the kids. Register now


Sponsored by: National Council of Jewish Women of Canada

Tree #3


USA, 2019

Director: Omer Ben-Shachar

English and Hebrew

Short comedy

20 minutes

Available throughout the Festival and featured on May 4

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After he's been cast (again!) as a background tree in his annual middle school play, an ambitious and imaginative Israeli immigrant boy leads a revolution on stage that his intolerant drama teacher will never forget. Register now


Sponsored by: Aviv Israeli Folk Dance Association